When it comes to reliability and performance, HP is always on top. With our refurbished HP products, you can enjoy the same high quality and innovative features, but at a fraction of the price of a new device. Whether you need a powerful laptop, a versatile desktop or a fast printer, make a product request today and discover how HP takes your work and study routines to the next level.

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Why choose Qualified Remarketing?

At Qualified Remarketing we specialize in buying and selling refurbished and new IT equipment. We understand that choosing the right equipment for your organization is an important decision. That’s why we offer personal guidance and advice from our specialists, who can help you select the right IT equipment to meet your needs.

In addition to our expert advice, we also offer services to support you in wiping and/or transferring data to your old equipment. We understand the importance of your data and ensure it is securely removed from your old equipment. Our services are fully tailored to your needs and we are happy to help you keep your IT equipment functioning optimally.

  • Sharpest prices purchase & sales
    At Qualified Remarketing we offer the best prices for the purchase and sale of new and refurbished IT equipment.
  • Delivery often within 24 hours
    We strive to deliver our products to you as quickly as possible. In most cases we deliver within 24 hours of your order, so that you can quickly get started with your new equipment.
  • Certified erasure of data
    We ensure that your company data is deleted in a secure manner and with 100% certainty. This way you can rest assured that your company data is safe and will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Taking care of the entire logistics process
    We offer an extensive package of services, including unburdening the entire logistics process from transport to installation.


Qualified Remarketing is the expert in the field of purchasing and selling refurbished IT equipment. Companies often have a large amount of old IT equipment that is no longer used, such as switches, routers and other network equipment. Instead of getting rid of this equipment, you can sell it. Our specialists make a remote estimate of the possible returns, or visit you to document your IT equipment and draw up a purchase order. This way you get the highest possible residual value for your old equipment.